Youth Development Center


To INSPIRE, EQUIP, and GUIDE urban youth to LIVE!

Core Literacy Programs

Youth Development Center is an after school program dedicated to providing exemplary academic development to struggling students in grades 1 – 6. YDC’s student population is economically disadvantaged and 100% minority. Additionally, at least 25% of our students suffer from learning disabilities. While nurturing the whole child, our program focuses on developing literacy and math skills to help our students become successful in school.

A Typical Day at YDC
Each afternoon, the YDC buses pick up students at our partnering schools and transport them to the YDC campus. Students are welcomed and seated in our dining hall for a nutritious meal. At 4 p.m., students move to their classes to begin their after school instruction.

First and second grade
students move to their traditional classroom for 75 minutes of instruction. They participate in an engaging curriculum designed to:

  • Encourage them to become independent readers
  • Reinforce their beginning knowledge of math fundamentals
  • Introduce them to technology-based learning
  • Assist with their homework.

Students in grades 3 - 6
Rotates daily through three 45 minute learning labs: the Literacy Lab, the Mathematics Lab, and the Assisted Tutorials Lab. All labs at YDC are under the direction of degreed and certified teachers.

The Literacy and Mathematics Labs are technology-based and provide a customized learning approach for each student. The software programs in these labs are designed with multidimensional, therapeutic strategies to aid students in developing reading and math skills. If a student is experiencing severe difficulties in reading comprehension, the SRA Reading Comprehension Lab is available to improve this skill. In addition to the technology-based instruction, our teachers regularly engage our students in group and one-on-one tutorials.

The Assisted Tutorials Lab encompasses two learning labs: Homework and Science. In the Homework Lab, students receive assistance with current assignments and research projects. Students without homework assignments attend the Science Lab. Students receive targeted assistance in developing science vocabulary knowledge through a technology-based program, hands-on experiments and group learning. Additionally, students can access on-line tutorials and use practice sheets to prepare for state-mandated assessment testing.

At the end of the YDC instructional day, approximately 85% of our students once again board our buses for the trip home.

YDC systematically incorporates mentoring and enrichment opportunities into our program. The mentoring curriculum is based on Christian values and challenges our students to excel, provides leadership training, and instills values needed to carry them through life. Our enrichment opportunities are geared to expand our students’ horizons through age-appropriate activities. YDC believes in nurturing and developing the whole child.

Summer Enrichment
To curtail the loss of academic development and capitalize on the progress made at YDC during the school year, we offer a three week summer enrichment program each July. The program is free of charge to our students and features age-appropriate leisure learning opportunities.

Transportation to and from the program day is provided for our students. The program is a six-hour learning adventure that begins at 8 a.m. with a hot breakfast, includes a mid-morning snack and a hot lunch at noon.

During the program day, YDC’s staff of certified teachers and trained paraprofessionals lead students through engaging instructional curriculum incorporating language arts, social studies, math, science, and the fine arts. Combined with the instructional content, students enjoy hands-on activities, experiments, learning projects, and weekly field trips.  Volunteers are able to come in groups and works hands-on with the YDC students during this time.