The Kids' Reading Room


The Kids’ Reading Room mission is to promote literacy and instill the love of reading in children within their own apartment community.

Core Literacy Programs

The Kid's Reading Room is a non-profit public charitable 501c3 organization that promotes literacy and works to instill the love of reading in children within their own apartment communities in Houston, Texas. We have 5 locations. Volunteers can read with our students after school hours once a week, help to organize reading rooms, assist by writing grants or helping with fundraising events. We are looking for volunteer trainers and a volunteer coordinator.

Volunteer Testimonials

Kids and books? That is a perfect recipe for a great afternoon of reading fun. I love books, and I wanted to share that love with the children. When Trish first opened up The Gentry House Reading Room and was in need of volunteers, I thought, 'What a cool thing she is starting up. I want to be a part of that!' My time spent in The Reading Room was very rewarding. I look forward to those afternoons when I can volunteer more of my time. -Shannon Benton, Volunteer and SBISD Art Teacher-

The joy and smiles on the kids' faces are enough to keep me coming back to the Kids' Reading Room.  It is a wonderful feeling when a child grabs your hand and asks if she can read to you. Through reading, I can see the change in self-esteem. The Kids' Reading Room is more than a place to read; it is a place to grow. -Catherine Le-