The Center for Hearing and Speech


The mission of The Center for Hearing and Speech is to enable children with hearing loss to reach their full potential by teaching them listening, speaking and literacy skills.

Core Literacy Programs

Literacy Skills
Literacy skills are a key focus of our programs. It is critical to the success of our clients to have proficient literacy skills for them to perform at the same level as our hearing peers. CHS clients have free access to check out books from our library, books are provided in English and Spanish. Our library also provides books for each child in the Melinda Webb School to take home each year to build their personal library and encourage reading.

Our classrooms are equipped with books and teachers have designated reading time regularly scheduled for each class. Volunteer groups are able to schedule reading days where they can interact with the children by reading to them individually or in groups.

Language Enrichment Auditory-Verbal Program (LEAP)
LEAP emphasizes early literacy skills to compliment the advancement of listening and spoken language skills as well as social and emotional development.

Via Colori is our biggest annual fund raiser where more than 500 volunteers help us run our two day art and music festival to raise funds that benefit The Center for Hearing and Speech and each of our programs.

Volunteer Testimonials

“When we started here, Venia literally couldn’t say a word. As of last September Venia met all of her hearing and speaking goals for a 4 year old without hearing loss, which is monumental, because it was just two years after she was implanted. -Nermin-