International Emergency and Development Aid Relief


Our mission is to establish a stable environment with sustainable solutions that benefit the population in need. We empower communities to become self-sufficient and to decide how to improve and save lives while bringing about change that is culturally acceptable and building upon existing efforts and successes.


International Emergency and Development Aid (IEDA Relief) works to alleviate the suffering of vulnerable people by tackling the underlying causes of poverty so that people can become self-sufficient and achieve their full potential.


We are committed to working in the most difficult conditions to reach the world’s poorest and most vulnerable people. We believe that investing in people and their abilities to support themselves and their families is critical to the long-term process of reducing poverty.  We work to empower communities in conflict torn and disaster affected areas to save lives, sustain human dignity and restore a healthy community. We serve vulnerable people in need, regardless of their belief, culture, language, custom, sect, ethnicity and/or political affiliation.

Community Impact

IEDA Relief is dedicated to the development of the community as a whole and the advancement of the community, we are impacting people by providing ESL as a second language through the Partnership of Literacy Advance, Computer Literacy, Legal Assistance program, Citizenship class, Driver’s Education and We provide translation services for different Clients.


IEDA Relief believes ion the Volunteering effort of people who wants to give back to the community, we value the hours and effort that many of our volunteers from the community to schools such as University of Houston, Rice University and many other partners who have helped us achieve and help the community to become self-sufficient. 95% of our volunteers, who volunteered to teach our ESL classes or participated in others program we do provide to the Community, have been able to come over and over and refer their friend to our ESL center.

Core Literacy Programs

Our growing ESL program with 10 new students per week, we have seen the need where new comers and the community at large want to better themselves by learning the English Language. For the past Semester over 125 students enrolled in our ESL program. With a growing number of students from Iraq, Iran, Honduras, DRC Congo, Central Africa Republic, Mexico, Dominican Republic, Burkina Faso, Central America, our students have fund a common ground for their learning process.

US Programs
In the US, we work with refugees, immigrants and indigent populations to help them integrate and become self-sufficient. From our headquarters in Houston, TX, we offer:

  • Immigration Legal Assistance
  • Adult Education (Free ESL Classes and more)
  • Case Management (Translation, Employment Counseling and Referrals, Transportation, etc.)
  • Driver’s Education
  • Computer Literacy
  • Citizenship Class and
  • Advocacy