Houston Public Library


The purpose of the Volunteer Services Program is to provide an opportunity for extending library services and support in the community through the involvement of citizens who have a helping concern for the library. The program is designed as a resource to the total library in meeting increased needs with volunteers, and to the volunteers by offering a valuable work experience and an opportunity to expand their horizons.

Core Literacy Programs

After School Zones
Looking for some fun after school? Join us at 1 of our 15 After School Zone locations for a variety of engaging activities and a chance to hang out with friends, weekdays after school hours. Video games, homework help, and hands on STREAM programs are just some of the activities offered. Intended for youth ages 7-18. Please see our unattended children policy for guidelines. Contact your library for further details.

Computer Classes
Free computer classes are offered for adults throughout the Library. Classes are taught in English and Spanish. Classes are available for every level.

Volunteer Testimonials

HPL is not only a great resource but a bridge to unlimited possibilities.