Houston Money Week




Houston Money Week is a community-wide financial education initiative that serves individuals, families and entrepreneurs through free financial education events while raising awareness of available resources in the greater Houston area.


Core Values and Volunteer Efforts

Houston Money Week (HMW) is an annual week-long financial education event during April each year. This initiative empowers people with financial education, achieved through the collaboration and coordinated effort of organizations across the greater Houston area and 10 surrounding counties. Businesses, financial institutions, schools, libraries, non-profits, government agencies, and media outlets come together annually in April to emphasize the importance of financial education, inform consumers where they can get help and provide free education seminars and activities to all demographics and income levels.

Volunteer Testimonials

"Houston Money Week’s work is mission-driven, focusing on making an impact and working tirelessly to coordinate everyone’s efforts. It’s such a powerful experience to sit on a team of dedicated individuals that are so passionate. Houston is truly a collaborative city!” - Rushka Tcholakova, United Way THRIVE (a member of the leadership team with HMW)